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Become One Step Closer to Being an Email Marketing Expert with These Email Marketing Tools

Published on May 3 2017 by
Adam Viola
Marketing Manager

Email marketing is a great way to reach an audience and is used by a business of all sizes. Whether it’s a small, medium or large scale business, applying email marketing strategies to increase customer engagement, advertising, and communication, creates a great deal of brand awareness and brand persona.

Choosing the right email marketing tools plays a huge role in the success of your efforts. If you emails are appealing, engaging, informative and necessary, you are accomplishing what it is you’ve set out to do. Everything we do as marketers is to generate a conversion and ultimately a type of lead. Having a highly effective toolkit can lead to high-quality lead generation potential.

Here are some tools that have helped many marketing professionals in the past:

Constant Contact

This email editor is one of the most popular and is growing fast. It is effective, easy to use and easy to manage. Everyone has struggled with template alignment one time or another but creating unique and eye-popping email templates with Constant Contact can save a huge amount of time. It provides a lot of analytics and other features as well!

It is cheap as well, costing only $20/month.

Convert Kit

A favorite among professionals, Convert Kit is an excellent email marketing platform which is generally used by professional bloggers, marketers, and authors. It is user-friendly, easy to use and flexible. One of the best features of this marketing tool is that you can divide your subscribers into multiple segmented groups. This helps a great deal in generating leads online with a more precise approach vs providing current subscribers with promised content.


AWeber is a robust email marketing tool which comes in handy for those interested in communicating with subscribers via automated emails, broadcasting emails, or broadcasting emails. Being able to connect this to WordPress sites is an added bonus! It is one of the most popular tools to manage your community and gives you access to ready-made templates, auto-responders, email tracking and list management.

Get Response

Get Response is an excellent solution to email marketing services. It is a popular software which has several attractive features that are beneficial for business purposes. It features excellent responsive firms, A/B testing, auto-responders, great landing pages and tracking. Besides that, you can hike up your qualified lead generation by using its third-party lead generation software integrations like Google Docs, OptinMonster and more.


MailChimp seems to be an easy way out here, but it really does work! Featuring auto-responders, easy email creators, tracking, analytics, contact segmentation, tag merging, and more, MailChimp is easily my most used platform. Managing emails, contact lists, email templates have never been any easier.


Need help with your email marketing efforts? Let’s find you an expert that can help!  


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