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Why You Should Have a Side Hustle

Published on May 19 2017 by
Naveed Ahsan
Marketing Intern

We are living during an incredible time in history. Technology has become more accessible, making the world’s information available right at our fingertips. Yet finding a job is becoming more and more difficult and despite the increasing costs of college tuition, employers expect applicants to at least have an undergraduate degree. 

Now in order to become marketable in this day and age, it is critical to have a myriad of skills under your belt. Whether that means simply investing in education or volunteering, having a side hustle is vital if you want to separate yourself from your competitors. It will be tough, of course, putting on extra work in addition to your 9 to 5 job, but the benefit is that it will open unexpected opportunities for your career. 

Here are some reasons why you should have a side hustle.

You can work on your passion project. If you are straight our of college and working at a job that you don’t enjoy, which is most likely the norm, commit a few hours or more a day into working on something that you do enjoy. Young people have fewer responsibilities and more energy so it is the perfect time to chase after what you really want in life. Don’t allow single company drain all your energy and ambition. It is hard to find what your passion is. Obstacles and stumbling blocks are everywhere but you're not getting any younger so start now and search for what you want to spend the rest of your life doing.

You can pay the bills. Let’s face it, the rent these days, especially in the major cities are atrociously high. Constantly worrying about money can severely affect your happiness and focus. Of course, it is best to find a job, your main hustle, that can afford you a decent lifestyle so that your side hustle can come from a place of passion and abundance instead of scarcity, as stated above, but if you’re not there yet than a side hustle can help you generate that extra cash. 

Gain more skills. You can learn a lot through a formal education, but nowadays that just isn’t enough. People are becoming more multi-faceted which means that companies expect you to have cultivated a variety of different skills. This makes you more valuable to your employer and more marketable if and whenever you choose to find a better position at a new company.

Build relationships. Your side hustle can lead to unexpected discoveries. There might not be any particular end goal in mind with your side hustle yet, and that’s alright. What’s most important is that you expose yourself to new territories and ideas. Inevitably that will take you to new and exciting place so embrace the uncertainties. Social media, MeetUp groups, and shared working spaces are all great resources to find like-minded, ambitious people such as yourself.

Gives you a backup plan. Not only can a side hustle generate more income for you, it can also serve as a backup plan if anything ever happens to your main hustle. Companies can flounder and you maybe one of the unlucky ones that will flounder with them. A side hustle can give you some sense of security and peace of mind if that should ever happen.

Looking to build your side hustle? We are here to help! Sign-up for FREE today! 

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