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Top 5 Web Design Tips

Published on May 26 2017 by
Naveed Ahsan
Marketing Intern

Practically everyone knows how to build a website but not everyone knows how to design one. Having a professional website with beautiful design is critical in the time we live in. A professional website is much like a first impression you will leave for a potential employer. Here are a few ways to improve your design and ensure that viewers will continue to stay. 

Remove the Clutter

Make sure there is little distraction for visitors. We live in a world that is cluttered with noise and distraction. There seems to be no place where we can find a peace of mind; away from any advertisements, pop-ups etc. Your website, therefore, should be the exact opposite- distraction-free. For viewers to enjoy visiting your website, try to keep it as simple as possible. The more minimal your site is, the more your personality will shine. Give your visitors a chance to breathe and absorb all the information you provide. There should be adequate space between your paragraphs and images. Your layout, above, needs to flow and be user focused.

Think about your Color Palette 

What kind of feeling do you want to invoke through your website? Every color has their own kind of power and can emit a different kind of emotion. Take some time and read up on color theory. Make sure each individual color complements each other and is consistent throughout your entire website.

Easy to Read

As important as great design is, your website also needs great text. Make sure, like your color palette, that your text is also consistent. Use at max only two to three fonts and make sure they are also readable. Your font should be an appropriate size as well- not too big and not too small. It should easy to read not just on a laptop but on a mobile device as well.

Utilize in Professional Photography

Investing in a professional photographer or professional stock photographs is also a critical element to separate your website from the rest. Human beings respond to powerful images, and no image, in fact, is better than a generic or poor quality image. A powerful image can help convey your message and connect with your audience.

Mobile Friendly

Most people get their information through their mobile devices so make sure that your website is not behind the curve. In this day and age if you’re website is not mobile website then you will lose out on the chance of connecting with as many people as you possibly can. 

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