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7 Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group to Grow Your Business
Published on November 4 2016 by
Tom Natsikas
We’ve all been told throughout life to be sure we surround ourselves with successful and like-minded people. Those who we socialize and associate ourselves with will inevitably start to rub off on ourselves. What is your passion? What level of success do you want to achieve? Do the people you spend ...

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The Benefits of a Virtual Assistant
Published on October 20 2016 by
Mabel Alvarez
Virtual Personal Assistant
The new world is full of new entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, but sometimes, no matter how creative the mind, one can become absurdly overwhelmed with business prioritization. Whether it’s looking for partners or investors, new and engaging marketing methods, finding the perfect office, or interv...

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What NOT to Do at a Networking Event
Published on October 6 2016 by
Adam Viola
Marketing Manager
Many people have never attended networking events. Many don't attend because of fear of rejection, awkwardness, and social anxiety. For those who have made an appearance, sometimes outside-of-work tendencies take over and professionalism is thrown out of the window. To help the novice attendees, as ...

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Say Goodbye to Chaos, and Hello to Client Data Organization
Published on October 4 2016 by
Frederic Sune
Horror Story One of your client’s website just crashed. They need it back up yesterday. You’re on vacation. You
left a trusted freelancer as an emergency contact, and he’s more than
capable of figuring out the problem and fixing it. If only he had access
to the server… Your passwords ...

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How to Prepare Your Kids for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet
Published on September 22 2016 by
Jean-Philippe Michel
According to Cathy Davidson , 65 percent of today’s kids may end up doing work that hasn’t been invented yet. This begs the question: as a parent, how do you prepare your child for a career that doesn’t exist? By failing to answer this question, your child risks being left behind. Jeffrey Selingo (T...

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Merging Traditional & Digital Marketing
Published on August 30 2016 by
Adam Viola
Marketing Manager
In my previous post on the 7 ways digital marketing can improve sales , we discussed the crucial role that digital marketing plays on brand awareness, as well the significant reach it provides. Although digital marketing is extremely effective when done correctly, it isn’t the only marketing strateg...

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Key Components to Writing a CATCHY Press Release
Published on August 22 2016 by
Sarah Bartal, CPA, CA
So you’re at that point in your business where you want your service or product to capture media attention. You want to be featured on CBC, CNN or even BBC! You have no background in public relations and can’t afford to pay for an expert to show you the ropes. Where do you even start? Before we even...

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Top 7 Ways That Digital Marketing Can Increase Your Sales
Published on August 15 2016 by
Adam Viola
Marketing Manager
Obtaining customers is the single most important process that a company must master in order to ensure long lasting business success. There are a few leading companies that come to mind when it comes to obtaining and retaining loyal clientele, but what have these big companies done that separates th...

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7 Steps to Writing a Blog Post to Market Your Offering
Published on August 8 2016 by
Sarah Bartal, CPA, CA
Have you ever thought about writing a blog post but don’t know where to start? The process to simply start writing ONE blog post can be daunting. You open up a blank page, stare at it for seconds, minutes, even hours, without having typed one word. Writing blog posts doesn’t have to be an intimidati...

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The Devil is in the Details
Published on August 3 2016 by
Ian Keith, CEBS
I have a friend that loves to drink rum. When mixed with coke, this is her favorite elixir. I personally cannot stand the smell of rum, to me it smells like bad decisions…..but that’s a story for another day. When my friend and I used to hit the town (do people still say that?), her penchant for rum...

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