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The Otter Outfitters Co.


We here at The Otter Outfitters Co. have the environment at the top of our agenda and will never stop looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint, when developing new products, for the consumer markets. The TouchWood74 brand is so New and Trending, that you will be among the very few, that will have the bragging rights over them, for some time to come. TouchWood74 Keychains are fantastic for starting a good conversation with family, friends, and maybe even some co-workers you like after a hard day’s work. The Otter Outfitters Co. Designs & Develops New Products for the Retail and eCommerce markets. Otter Outfitters Inc. retains the manufacturing rights here in Canada for all The TouchWood74 Brands.
(2 Styles of Keychains, Several Necklaces & A few different styles of Walking Staffs) There are 4 main products with several different variations in production as we speak, but there are Always New ones in development as schedules permits. Otter Outfitters Inc. also retains the manufacturing rights to Brass-Roots Studio Metal Etchings for the Ad Speciality Market. We design and develop all of the Premium Awards, Giftware, Souveniers (Expressions in Brass) Fans & Furniture inlays. Brass-Roots etches the customer's designs out of .015-.020 sheets of brass. We have access to the process that will speed up the natual oxidization process by approximately 2,500 yrs. This darkens the backgrounds with Beautiful Hues of Blues, Greens, Reds & Oranges. Just like the exhaust pipes close to the engine on motorcycles.

We can transform any Artwork, Corporate Logo & Mission Statements, Sports Graphics, Drawings, Photographs, etc. onto a sheet of brass and chemically etch them to a specified depth so as to be able to put 3D effects onto the etched brass to bring it alive as people walk by the piece of artwork, while it hangs on the wall.

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    We have a manufacturing quality process that is not matched by any other Co.

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