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Information Technology

Trust Score Breakdown for iQlance

How does the trust score work?

Our trust score helps you decide more easily which company has shared their information to a level where we can begin to get a picture of the trust we can associate to their business profile.

Trust score is an algorithm which takes multiple factors into consideration to determine the level of trust* a buyer on swaaap can have with regards to a business, based on the information it has decided to provide publicly and based on other performance factors.

The more a company tells you about themselves in their profile and the better their past performance, the more initial trust can be attributed to them. The next step is always to connect for a video call to see if our matching algorithm was right!



This pro is really rocking it! The business has gained a great trust score through positive actions and providing the community with enough information to break the ice with ease!


Solid amount of information was provided, a few things might be missing but they seem to be worth checking out. We are confident you should set up a chat! Connect with them to move on.


More information could still be provided but you have some things to base your decision on for a business dealing. Check out their profile.


More informaiton is needed to make a fair assessment, it seems this business is not active enough, has not verified themselves or is generally not responsive.


The company has not shared enough information to make any reasonable assessment.

* A less than perfect Trust score does not indicate not trust worthy if it has lower than AAA, we are simply saying they have not provided us with enough information to feel comfortable recommending as highly. Therefore when a buyer is comparing more than one seller, a better trust score and the feeling of "fit" can often tip the scale. The best way to get leads is to keep increasing your score and trust in business dealings.

Priority Items

Premium Membership

If a company has a premium membership it is usually a good indicator that they are authentic and have a real business going.

Profile Completion

Pending Incoming Connection Requests

Does this company neglect connection requests?

Conversations Responses

Does this company respond to all conversations?

Medium Items


In order to have an online presents having a website is essential for most companies.

Linkedin Page

Having a company’s LinkedIn page linked to their profile gains instant trust with potential customers and providers.

Facebook Page

Having a company’s Facebook page linked to their profile gains instant trust with potential customers and providers.

YouTube Channel

Does this company have a YouTube channel. Having a YouTube channel can build trust with customers by introducing them to you and your team without ever meeting them.

Other Items

Last Active Date

Last time this company was active.

Company Activity

Has this company been actively using recenty.

Ratio Of Accepted to Denied Connection Requests

Is this company sending connection requests with a purpose or spamming?

Pending Outgoing Connection Requests

Are this companies out going connection requests being ignored?

Connection Response Time

The average time it takes this company to respond to a connection request.

Ratio Of Conversations to Connections

Is this company making an effort to move forward on business deals with everyone they connect with?

Converstation Starter

Does this company start a lot of conversations?