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What is Swaaap.com?

Swaaap.com is the automated matchmaking service for businesses and entrepreneurs. Advertise yourself. Get free leads. Increase revenues. Reduce spending.

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Get the inside scoop on businesses looking for your services!

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Reduce expenses, receive trade opportunities & exclusive deals.

Meet Jeff

Jeff is a graphic designer. He was tight on cash but needed some legal advice. Swaaap.com connected him with Sarah, a local lawyer looking to get a logo designed.

  • Within minutes of signing up, Jeff was matched with local partners and clients that made sense!

  • There was no complicated trading currency to deal with and best of all it was free!

  • Jeff now has a great new lawyer and depends on Swaaap.com to fuel his business!

  • Connect with professionals like Jeff on Swaaap.com!

How it Works

What makes Swaaap.com so easy to use?

  • Create a free profile for yourself and your organization.                                  

  • Tell us which type of service you are looking for and which ones you offer.

  • We instantly analyze your data and offer you matches with potential partners & clients that make sense.

  • You review the profiles of your matches and decide which organization you want to Swaaap with!

Exclusive Deals

We are very excited to bring new exclusive deals and discounts to all of our members!

Current featured deal: 20% off most copy and print services at all Staples locations across Canada.

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